Resume Writing and Editing

Need a new gig?
Want to change it up? Been out of the game for a bit? Filled with crippling anxiety by the very thought of writing a cover letter that explains that yes, you majored in modern poetry, but that was six years ago and you just need a real job now please?

I got you, boo. 

47% percent of millenials are working in the gig economy, and that number is growing all the time. And while there’s lots of opportunity there, hopping from gig to gig can leave your resume looking a little schizophrenic. 

That’s where I come in.
I’ll work with you to weave your experience as a part time nanny together with that temp job you had at a real estate office, and use it to explain why you’re the perfect candidate for <insert dream job here>.  We’ll talk about your skills, experience and education, and you’ll leave with a resume that reads cohesive, professional and polished. 

I specialize in reworking the resumes and cover letters of: creative types looking for a survival job, entrepreneurial types who’ve worn many hats, and anyone looking to make mid career jumps to a new industry. 

How do I know I can help you with this?
Because I just did it myself:

Image via The Financial Diet

Image via The Financial Diet


Tweak - $25
I’ll read your resume through for grammar, clarity, and structure, and provide detailed feedback that you can run with. 

 Spin- $50
The aforementioned proofreading, plus I’ll comb your resume for skills and experiences you can highlight to better sell yourself in a specific new field, and advise you which ones to downplay or remove to make your background more cohesive.  

Overhaul- $100
We’ll toss the thing out and start from scratch. An in-depth talk about your goals, background and style, followed by a customized, professionally written resume that makes you look completely dope.

Hit me up, let’s talk!